TangleHUB Expands Decentralized Storage Solutions in Europe: Billion-Dollar Market Awaits

• TangleHUB and DLT.GREEN have partnered to expand the use of TangleHUB’s decentralized storage solution PIPE in Europe.
• PIPE provides secure, efficient, and scalable storage solutions that work with the IOTA Tangle.
• This partnership will help make it easier to deploy PIPE nodes and offer users greater flexibility with their data storage solutions.

TangleHub Partners With DLT.GREEN

The leading software development company specializing in decentralized networks, TangleHUB, has announced a partnership with Austrian node provider DLT.GREEN on Tuesday, February 14th. The goal of this collaboration is to increase the reach of TangleHUB’s decentralized storage solution PIPE across Europe and provide users with secure and efficient data storage solutions.

What is PIPE?

PIPE is an open-source decentralized storage infrastructure developed by TangleHUB which allows for testing edge micro-storage solutions as well as high-volume data applications. It is secure, scalable, fast, and ensures complete control over user data with its integration into the IOTA Tangle network. It can quickly handle large amounts of data without any transaction limitations due to its 75 powerful nodes already in place on the network.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

This strategic alliance between TangleHUB and DLT.GREEN will make it much easier to deploy nodes necessary for running PIPE’s services across Europe at a low cost while providing users more options when deciding how they want to store their data securely online using a decentralised platform like PIPE.

Benefits Of Utilizing Decentralized Storage Solutions

Using a decentralised platform like PIPE comes with many benefits including scalability, immutable data storage and transfer capabilities, as well as user-oriented design features that promote performance when dealing with high volume transactions or applications utilizing vast amounts of data.


The recent partnership between TangleHUB and DLTGreen makes it easier than ever before for European users to take advantage of all the advantages associated with decentralized storage solutions offered by platforms such as PIPE while enjoying ultimate control over their own personal information stored within these systems securely online at all times.

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