MetaBlaze Raises $4M and Launches AI NFT Drop with Gaming Partnerships

MetaBlaze Announces Exciting Developments

$4 Million Presale Sellout

MetaBlaze has announced a sold-out presale, raising an impressive USD 4 million, with over two thousand and two-hundred holders. This achievement is a testament to the unwavering support from MetaBlaze’s enthusiastic community. The Company is now looking forward to the anticipated launch of its native mblz token on September 15th.

Strategic Gaming Partnerships

MetaBlaze is proud to announce partnerships with two of the most prominent Gaming Guilds in Web3: and IndiGG. Leveraging their wealth of experience and vibrant player community, is poised to help MetaBlaze reach millions of players. Through this collaboration, MetaBlaze and aim to bring about a transformative shift in Web3 gaming.

AI-Integrated NFT Collection

MetaBlaze has also unveiled an AI-Integrated NFT collection, which will be available at launch for use within the MetaBlaze ecosystem. This collection promises never-before seen experiences that merge gaming, artistry, innovation, and storytelling into one cohesive package for users to enjoy.

The Vision Behind It All

All these developments are part of a larger vision by the team at MetaBlaze; they are working towards revolutionizing Web 3 Gaming with their innovative Craft-to-Earn and Solve-to-Earn experiences that interweave dynamic storytelling elements throughout each user’s journey within the platform.

Launch Date Approaching Quickly!

With all these exciting developments taking place behind the scenes, it’s only natural that anticipation would build up as launch day approaches quickly on September 15th 2023!

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