Make the Most of 2023: Buy SAND, AXS, and BIG Crypto Coins Now!

• The article discusses three cryptocurrencies: The Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG). These are seen as potential investments for Q1 of 2023.
• Big Eyes Coin is a new meme token which was created with the aim of making DeFi accessible to all crypto enthusiasts. There is an upcoming NFT collection featuring the mascot, a cute Anime-style feline. 5% of the tokens will go towards ocean conservation charities.
• The Sandbox has also been highlighted in this article, as they are hosting a Lunar New Year special event with potential rewards up to 100,000 SAND. There is a highly lucrative NFT marketplace on this platform, with the most expensive NFT sold being worth $650,000.

The Best Three Cryptocurrencies To Buy Now

At the start of 2021, each crypto enthusiast is looking for a list of cryptocurrencies to add to their portfolio for maximum returns. This editorial piece will examine three cryptocurrencies that we think could benefit your portfolio in Q1 of 2023: The Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Big Eyes Coin – Prioritising Sustainability

Big Eyes Coin is a new meme token which has raised an incredible $20.56 million at the time of writing. It aims to make DeFi accessible to every crypto enthusiast by prioritising sustainability and shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. An upcoming NFT collection will feature its mascot – a cute feline with Anime features – and it’s predicted that it could reach one of the top ten projects out there! 5% of its tokens will be set aside for ocean conservation charities and it builds on Ethereum’s network which recently reduced its carbon footprint by 99.95%.

The Sandbox’s Lunar New Year Reward Pool

The Sandbox is another pioneer in the Play-to-Earn market and has created numerous events for its members to earn funds from. Right now, there’s a Lunar New Year special event allowing users complete 130 quests in 12 experiences for up to 100,000 SAND as part of its reward pool! This platform also hosts one of the most lucrative NFT marketplaces in crypto right now; with its most expensive item sold being worth $650,000 – an impressive mega yacht inside the Metaverse!


These three cryptocurrencies are all great potential investments heading into Q1 2023; offering unique characteristics that could benefit any portfolio! From Big Eye Coins‘ sustainable approach towards DeFi and ocean conservation charities through to The Sandbox’s highly lucrative NFT marketplace; these platforms offer something different yet rewarding opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked!

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