Earn Passive Income Every Day with Cloud Mining – HappyMiner Review

• HappyMiner is a US-based cloud mining service provider with data centers located in Iceland, Norway, and Canada.
• It offers various Crypto contracts and benefits such as $10 sign-up bonus, automated daily payouts, no overhead or electricity fees, 24-hour online support, etc.
• The company is legitimate and provides high profitability with minimal deposit amount of $100 only.

What Is HappyMiner?

HappyMiner is a licensed cloud mining company founded in 2018 in the United States. It owns industrial facilities with a big tech park of professional Bitcoin mining rigs located in Iceland, Norway and Canada. HappyMiner currently has over 2,800K+ individuals from all around the globe earning cryptocurrency on its platform.

Features for Investors

HappyMiner offers multiple features for investors to benefit from: a $10 sign-up bonus; automated daily payouts; free package can be purchased daily; an affiliate program with 4.5% lifetime rewards; different Crypto contracts to choose from; no overhead or electricity fees; 24-hour online support; DDos and SSL protection system.


The advantages of using HappyMiner are numerous: quick start process (sign up and start mining Bitcoin in just a few minutes); instant daily payouts; minimum deposit amount of $100 only; no commitments – exit cloud mining business at any moment without any obligations imposed by the company; high profitability starting at 8%.

Is HappyMiner Scam or Trustworthy?

HappyMiner is completely trustworthy as it works under the license of the United States while scam websites do not have any licenses. The company also provides certificates to prove its legitimacy while scam websites either do not have any certificates or provide fake ones. Furthermore, your personal and financial information is protected by SSL on HappyMiner while scam websites do not guard but steal your information instead. Finally, guaranteed 24-hour payouts are provided by the company while regular payouts are not guaranteed on scam websites.


In conclusion, it can be seen that HappyMiner is a reliable US cloud mining service provider offering various Crypto contracts and benefits to investors such as automated daily payouts, no overhead/electricity fees, 24-hour online support etc., making it a great option for those looking for passive income opportunities via cryptocurrency investments.

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