Chainlink & PwC Germany Unite to Boost Blockchain Adoption

Summary of Chainlink and PwC Germany Collaboration

  • Chainlink Co-founder Sergey Nazarov believes this partnership will help boost blockchain adoption.
  • The collaboration focuses on accelerating enterprise blockchain adoption and providing technical expertise to companies.
  • PwC Germany has a history of developing in-house blockchain solutions, including Blockchain Explorer and Transaction Analyzer – BETA.

Chainlink’s Collaboration with PwC Germany

On the 22nd of March, Chainlink Labs struck a partnership with PwC Germany. This collaboration is aimed at accelerating the adoption of enterprise blockchain. Through this partnership Chainlink’s Labs will help support companies working with PwC Germany. These companies can turn to Chainlink for help interfacing with the blockchain economy, when they lack the knowledge needed to build smart contracts and operate infrastructure nodes. On the other hand, PwC Germany is bringing its technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to aid customers in developing compliance systems, as well as securing smart contracts and operating infrastructure nodes.

Potential Impact of The Collaboration

Sergey Nararov, CEO and Co-Founder of Chainlink noted that there has been an increase in enterprise and capital markets‘ interest in merging crypto and blockchains systems into their operations. He believes that Chinalink’s specialisation in connecting these systems to Blockchains efficiently is the key factor driving this interest rate uptick. The CEO also highlighted how the rising interest rate benefits the Chainlink network.

PwC Germany’s Commitment To Pioneering Adoption Of Blockchain Technology

PWC Germany is one of leading auditing & consulting services organizations in Germany who have continued pioneering adoption of Blockchain technology through various initiatives such as building in-house Blockchain solutions (e.g., Blockchain Explorer & Transaction Analyzer – BETA). Furthermore, they’ve developed solutions like Travel Rule Integration, Tokenization Framework, Smart Contract Formal Verification Framework & Digital Asset Valuation Model to further drive innovation within their industry sector through implementation of new technologies such as Blockchain technology.


In conclusion , it seems clear that both parties involved have much to benefit from this new partnership between ChainLink Labs & PWC Germany . With their combined strengths , it looks likely that many enterprises looking for assistance with implementing Blockchain technology will be able to do so successfully . It remains to be seen what effect this collaboration will have on overall levels of global adoption but all indications are promising .

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