Binance Adds IOTA, SHIB, and ENJ to Flexible Loan and VIP Loan Services

• Binance has announced 22 new assets to its New Loanable Assets and New Collateral Assets Sections.
• The exchange is also expected to list Bone after the Shibarium testnet PuppyNet launch.
• It has added 8 loanable assets and 8 collateral assets to its Flexible Loan service, as well as 6 loanable assets and 3 collateral assets to its VIP Loan service.

Binance Adds 22 New Assets

Binance has announced that it is adding 22 new loanable and collateral assets to its Flexible Loan and VIP Loan services. The Flexible Loan will include 8 new loanable and 8 new collateral assets, while the VIP Loan will have 6 loanable and 3 collateral assets.

Flexible Loan Service Details

The Flexible Loans service allows users to complete loans orders while collateralizing cryptocurrencies in existing Simple Earn Flexible Products subscriptions. This offers users greater flexibility when borrowing cryptocurrencies without committing to a specific term, with Real-Time APR rewards available through Simple Earn Flexible Products.

VIP Loan Service Details

The VIP Loans represent a large personal and institutional over-collateralized loan service with competitive rates, terms, and services. Users of the Binance VIP Loans get access to greater liquidity for long-term investment funds, leveraged trading, hedging strategies as well as other unique benefits.

Other Recent Additions by Binance

In June this year, Binance added 8 new loanable assets and 8 new collateral assets to its Flexible Loan services; ARB, BCH, INJ TUSD, ZIL ,XLM FLOW ,and FTM were some of these additions . It also added 6 loanable asset sand 3 collateral assetsto its VIP Loans: these included AR TRU BICO CHESS FIO RARE ,and REI . XEM was also recently announced as a borrowable asset on Cross Margin with XEM/USDT pair .

Shibarium Testnet PuppyNet Launch

The SHIB community finds the inclusion of Shiba Inu an exciting development following the Shibarium testnet PuppyNet launch. This means that Bone is expected to be listed on Binance in the near future .

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