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Pikamoon Set to Outpace Solana in 2023: Get Ready for a Wild Ride!


• Solana is a modern blockchain that differs significantly from the Bitcoin network.
• It was designed to host scalable and decentralized apps and has gained mainstream acceptance within a short time.
• The crypto token that runs on Solana’s blockchain is called Solana (SOLUSD) with the ticker symbol SOL.

Solana Price Prediction

Solana (SOLUSD) has increased by an astronomical 12,000% since 2021 and had a market cap of $66 billion which made it the 5th largest crypto. At the time of compiling this article, Solana is selling for $20.80 according to data sourced from Coinmarketcap and Coincodex gives their Solana prediction for this year to be bearish in the first few months of the year before we start seeing green candles.

Why Pikamoon Will Pump Faster

Pikamoon is expected to pump faster this year than Solana due to its unique features such as its speed – it is faster than most cryptos in terms of transactions processed – as well as lower transaction fees compared to rival projects like Ethereum.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why investors should consider investing in both Solana and Pikamoon, however, Pikamoon may have a slight edge when it comes to fast pumping this year due to its unique features mentioned above.


Despite the current bearish crypto market trend, investors should tread with care but still look out for opportunities where they can invest in these two cryptos for potential gains in 2023.

Earn Passive Income Every Day with Cloud Mining – HappyMiner Review

• HappyMiner is a US-based cloud mining service provider with data centers located in Iceland, Norway, and Canada.
• It offers various Crypto contracts and benefits such as $10 sign-up bonus, automated daily payouts, no overhead or electricity fees, 24-hour online support, etc.
• The company is legitimate and provides high profitability with minimal deposit amount of $100 only.

What Is HappyMiner?

HappyMiner is a licensed cloud mining company founded in 2018 in the United States. It owns industrial facilities with a big tech park of professional Bitcoin mining rigs located in Iceland, Norway and Canada. HappyMiner currently has over 2,800K+ individuals from all around the globe earning cryptocurrency on its platform.

Features for Investors

HappyMiner offers multiple features for investors to benefit from: a $10 sign-up bonus; automated daily payouts; free package can be purchased daily; an affiliate program with 4.5% lifetime rewards; different Crypto contracts to choose from; no overhead or electricity fees; 24-hour online support; DDos and SSL protection system.


The advantages of using HappyMiner are numerous: quick start process (sign up and start mining Bitcoin in just a few minutes); instant daily payouts; minimum deposit amount of $100 only; no commitments – exit cloud mining business at any moment without any obligations imposed by the company; high profitability starting at 8%.

Is HappyMiner Scam or Trustworthy?

HappyMiner is completely trustworthy as it works under the license of the United States while scam websites do not have any licenses. The company also provides certificates to prove its legitimacy while scam websites either do not have any certificates or provide fake ones. Furthermore, your personal and financial information is protected by SSL on HappyMiner while scam websites do not guard but steal your information instead. Finally, guaranteed 24-hour payouts are provided by the company while regular payouts are not guaranteed on scam websites.


In conclusion, it can be seen that HappyMiner is a reliable US cloud mining service provider offering various Crypto contracts and benefits to investors such as automated daily payouts, no overhead/electricity fees, 24-hour online support etc., making it a great option for those looking for passive income opportunities via cryptocurrency investments.

3 Cryptos to Ignite the Next Bull-Run: Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), & RenQ (RENQ)

• Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), and RenQ Finance (RENQ) are three cryptocurrencies that many experts believe have the potential to spark the next Bullrun.
• With its decentralized network, Cardano wants to handle all types of transactions from small to large business use cases.
• Polygon aims to increase Ethereum’s accessibility by providing faster and cheaper transactions, while RenQ Finance aims to address the liquidity issue in the blockchain industry by combining decentralized marketplaces and tools.

Cryptocurrencies that May Ignite a New Bull-run

More and more investors are turning to cryptocurrency as a form of investment due to its digital nature. Three standout cryptos that have caught investor attention include Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), and RenQ Finance (RENQ). Many experts believe these coins hold great potential for sparking a new bull run in the crypto market.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a decentralized network which seeks to provide solutions for both small transactions and business use cases. It has been noted as an “Ethereum killer” due to its capabilities, and with its accelerated network development activities it has begun establishing itself in the DeFi scene. This on-chain activity has created optimism among Cardano’s community that it will positively affect ADA’s value going forward. CoinCodex’s machine self-learning technology estimates that on December 31st 2023, ADA will likely be trading at $0.49 – an increase of around 44% from when this article was published.

Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon is focused on increasing Ethereum’s accessibility through offering faster transactions at lower costs compared to other blockchains. It seeks to solve scalability issues within the Ethereum ecosystem by creating a second layer achieving high transaction throughput rates with low latency times & fees required for sending assets across different networks.

RenQ Finance (RENQ)

RenQ is a community-driven effort aiming at addressing liquidity problems which have long plagued blockchain technology projects & initiatives. The project promises complete solutions accessible for traders of all levels – from beginners up through seasoned professionals – by combining several decentralized marketplaces with various toolsets.


These three cryptos represent some of the most promising projects out there currently, giving investors opportunities to diversify their portfolios & tap into possible future bull runs as blockchain technology continues advancing towards decentralization further down the line. >>>>> BUY RENQ TOKENS HERE <<<<<

Dogecoin Surges 6.6% After Elon Musk’s Latest Tweet on Doge

• Elon Musk recently tweeted about Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu, causing a 6.6% and 2.5% increase in respective prices.
• According to the Blockchain Research Lab study on the effect of Elon Musk’s moves on crypto, there was an average 3% price range on each of the 47 events after his tweet.
• The 24-hour move of Dogecoin has been within the ranges of $0.0832 and $0.0872, with its key resistance level at $0.09.

Dogecoin Surge After Elon Musk’s Tweet

Elon Musk has been linked to several price surges of Dogecoin (Doge) after his tweets triggered speculations among investors. Just recently, Musk came up with another tweet that caused a fair increase in the price of the meme coin in the last 24 hours. In a statement that is believed to be an apparent joke, he Tweeted: „High time I confessed I let the Doge out.“ There was an image attached to the post with the inscription „It was me, I let the dogs out.“ There was also a follow-up tweet where he wrote „Fact check me @CommunityNotes.“

Impact Of Elon Musk On Crypto Prices

According to Blockchain Research Lab’s study on the effect of Elon Musk’s moves on cryptos discloses that he has an interesting command over investors. On average for each of 47 events after his tweet, there was a price range of about 3 percent. Whenever there is an immediate and large spike in price, there is another 45-minute price spike that follows as revealed by this study.

Dogecoin Price Movement

The 24-hour move of Dogecoin has been within ranges set from $0.0832 to $0.0872 before recording its first retracement as seen in its chart . Its key resistance level stands at $0

Gary Vee & Jordan Belfort to Speak at SiGMA Eurasia Expo in Dubai

• SiGMA Eurasia is hosting its third expo in Dubai from March 13-16, 2023.
• Major companies in technology, gaming, affiliate and medical industries will be showcasing their products and services.
• Gary Vee and Jordan Belfort will be speaking at the event, alongside nightly networking drinks and dinners.

SiGMA Eurasia Expo: Dubai

The SiGMA Eurasia expo in Dubai from March 13-16, 2023 will take place at the InterContinental Festival Arena. It provides attendees with opportunities to network with professionals in various industries, learn about the latest technology and innovations, connect with key decision-makers, and gain knowledge about new markets.

Major Companies Present

Dubai is a prime location for business, innovation and entrepreneurship due to its thriving business environment that blends opportunities from East and West. Major companies in the technology, gaming, affiliate and medical industries will be showcasing their products and services including a Startup Village where delegates can evaluate new market players. The SiGMA Eurasia Dubai expo will also host three startup pitches where business owners can present their ideas to a panel of experts.

Gary Vee & Jordan Belfort Speaking

Prior to the SiGMA Eurasia Dubai expo, the CPA Club International forum will host a meetup in collaboration with SiGMA featuring Jordan Belfort also known as The Wolf of Wall Street. The event will provide opportunities to network with influential individuals and decision-makers such as senior government officials and leading experts in the field including serial entrepreneur and investor Gary Vee who will be speaking on three conference stages. Nightly networking drinks and dinners will take place giving delegates the chance to meet and connect with each other building lasting business relationships.

Awards & Celebrations

The prestigious Gala Awards and the closing celebration are two of the most sought after events with the Gala Awards supporting the SiGMA Foundation an benefiting educational institutions in Africa. By bringing together top investors suppliers affiliates startups operators etc., this event gives attendees opportunity to form collaborations pursue business opportunities build strategic alliances/joint ventures etc.. Local government representatives are present offering special development/expansion opportunities for businesses as well.

Agenda Focus

The agenda’s focus is on thought provoking conference sessions led by top notch thought leaders including keynote speaker Gary Vee a highly successful entrepreneur/investor – providing attendees chances to learn network explore upcoming industry trends etc.. These conferences offer great potentials for businesses seeking investments/partnerships plus more!

TangleHUB Expands Decentralized Storage Solutions in Europe: Billion-Dollar Market Awaits

• TangleHUB and DLT.GREEN have partnered to expand the use of TangleHUB’s decentralized storage solution PIPE in Europe.
• PIPE provides secure, efficient, and scalable storage solutions that work with the IOTA Tangle.
• This partnership will help make it easier to deploy PIPE nodes and offer users greater flexibility with their data storage solutions.

TangleHub Partners With DLT.GREEN

The leading software development company specializing in decentralized networks, TangleHUB, has announced a partnership with Austrian node provider DLT.GREEN on Tuesday, February 14th. The goal of this collaboration is to increase the reach of TangleHUB’s decentralized storage solution PIPE across Europe and provide users with secure and efficient data storage solutions.

What is PIPE?

PIPE is an open-source decentralized storage infrastructure developed by TangleHUB which allows for testing edge micro-storage solutions as well as high-volume data applications. It is secure, scalable, fast, and ensures complete control over user data with its integration into the IOTA Tangle network. It can quickly handle large amounts of data without any transaction limitations due to its 75 powerful nodes already in place on the network.

What Does This Partnership Mean?

This strategic alliance between TangleHUB and DLT.GREEN will make it much easier to deploy nodes necessary for running PIPE’s services across Europe at a low cost while providing users more options when deciding how they want to store their data securely online using a decentralised platform like PIPE.

Benefits Of Utilizing Decentralized Storage Solutions

Using a decentralised platform like PIPE comes with many benefits including scalability, immutable data storage and transfer capabilities, as well as user-oriented design features that promote performance when dealing with high volume transactions or applications utilizing vast amounts of data.


The recent partnership between TangleHUB and DLTGreen makes it easier than ever before for European users to take advantage of all the advantages associated with decentralized storage solutions offered by platforms such as PIPE while enjoying ultimate control over their own personal information stored within these systems securely online at all times.

Fed: Bitcoin Shares Store of Value Features like Gold

• The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently concluded that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and is unresponsive to both monetary and macroeconomic news.
• The report highlighted that Bitcoin cannot be used as a form of payment at scale due to its high volatility.
• Nonetheless, the Fed suggested that Bitcoin shares most of the features of a store of value such as gold.

Federal Reserve Bank: ‚Bitcoin Shares Most of the Features of a Store of Value Such As Gold‘

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently released a report concluding that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and is unresponsive to both monetary and macroeconomic news. Furthermore, the report highlighted that due to its high volatility, Bitcoin cannot be used as a form of payment at scale. However, the Fed suggested that Bitcoin shares most of the features of a store of value such as gold.

Probability Model Indicates That Monetary News Has Larger Effects on Bitcoin Price than Those About Current Target Rate

The report formulated a simple speculative asset model to determine future probabilities related to Bitcoin value. According to this probability model, monetary news negatively affects the speculative asset through an interest-rate channel. Additionally, it was found that monetary news about future policy path has larger effects on Bitcoin price than those regarding current target rate. For instance, an unexpected increase in US inflation may lead to higher input costs for exports which makes nations’ exports less competitive in global markets thus leading to depreciating exchange rates.

Bitcoin Reacts With Increased Volatility Before & After FOMC Statements Touching On Interest Rates

The report also stated that before and after FOMC statements touching on interest rates, there are increased levels in volatility with regards to bitcoin prices. This means investors can expect more volatile pricing when it comes to decisions made by authorities regarding interest rates within different countries.

Crypto Assets Compare To Gold & Other Precious Metals Rather Than US Dollar

The study conducted by The Federal Reserve Bank suggests crypto assets compare more closely with gold and other precious metals rather than the United States dollar since they have similar characteristics when it comes down to storing values over timeframes compared with fiat currencies like US dollars or euros which can experience large fluctuations depending on economic events happening within respective countries or regions they are issued from..


In conclusion, although crypto assets like bitcoin have some advantages over traditional stores of value like gold or silver, their lack responsiveness towards macroeconomic events coupled with their high volatility makes them unsuitable for payments at scale compared with fiat currencies issued by central banks around the world

Make the Most of 2023: Buy SAND, AXS, and BIG Crypto Coins Now!

• The article discusses three cryptocurrencies: The Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG). These are seen as potential investments for Q1 of 2023.
• Big Eyes Coin is a new meme token which was created with the aim of making DeFi accessible to all crypto enthusiasts. There is an upcoming NFT collection featuring the mascot, a cute Anime-style feline. 5% of the tokens will go towards ocean conservation charities.
• The Sandbox has also been highlighted in this article, as they are hosting a Lunar New Year special event with potential rewards up to 100,000 SAND. There is a highly lucrative NFT marketplace on this platform, with the most expensive NFT sold being worth $650,000.

The Best Three Cryptocurrencies To Buy Now

At the start of 2021, each crypto enthusiast is looking for a list of cryptocurrencies to add to their portfolio for maximum returns. This editorial piece will examine three cryptocurrencies that we think could benefit your portfolio in Q1 of 2023: The Sandbox (SAND), Axie Infinity (AXS), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Big Eyes Coin – Prioritising Sustainability

Big Eyes Coin is a new meme token which has raised an incredible $20.56 million at the time of writing. It aims to make DeFi accessible to every crypto enthusiast by prioritising sustainability and shifting wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. An upcoming NFT collection will feature its mascot – a cute feline with Anime features – and it’s predicted that it could reach one of the top ten projects out there! 5% of its tokens will be set aside for ocean conservation charities and it builds on Ethereum’s network which recently reduced its carbon footprint by 99.95%.

The Sandbox’s Lunar New Year Reward Pool

The Sandbox is another pioneer in the Play-to-Earn market and has created numerous events for its members to earn funds from. Right now, there’s a Lunar New Year special event allowing users complete 130 quests in 12 experiences for up to 100,000 SAND as part of its reward pool! This platform also hosts one of the most lucrative NFT marketplaces in crypto right now; with its most expensive item sold being worth $650,000 – an impressive mega yacht inside the Metaverse!


These three cryptocurrencies are all great potential investments heading into Q1 2023; offering unique characteristics that could benefit any portfolio! From Big Eye Coins‘ sustainable approach towards DeFi and ocean conservation charities through to The Sandbox’s highly lucrative NFT marketplace; these platforms offer something different yet rewarding opportunities that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Cardano Price Surges 45% as World Mobile and IOG Partner to Build Sidechain

• World Mobile and Input Output Global have announced a partnership to integrate the purpose-built World Mobile Chain using Tendermint as a Cardano sidechain.
• The two companies have been working together for the past three years to bridge the digital divide using the Cardano blockchain.
• As a result, the Cosmos and Cardano network will enjoy a scalable interoperability network to build Web3 protocols.

Cardano, one of the leading blockchain networks, has received a major boost after World Mobile and Input Output Global (IOG) announced their partnership to integrate the purpose-built World Mobile Chain using Tendermint as a Cardano sidechain. This partnership will bridge a permission solution built on Cosmos’ SDK through Cardano’s public mainnet.

The two companies have been working together for the past three years to bridge the digital divide using the Cardano blockchain. World Mobile needed a permissioned sidechain to meet the requirements of a regulated telecommunications industry, and since such a solution doesn’t yet exist within the Cardano ecosystem, the two companies decided to look into how they would be able to achieve this.

The Cardano-based sidechain project is designed to usher in a new era of scalability for blockchains, and as a result, the Cosmos and Cardano network will enjoy a scalable interoperability network to build Web3 protocols. This partnership will enable Cardano to become a global leader in blockchain technology, as it will be able to offer unique services and features to its users.

Input Output Global recently released an update on the ongoing sidechain project and the Cardano price has gained approximately 45 percent in the past 30 days, trading at about $0.379528 today. This partnership will prove to be a major milestone for Cardano and its users, and it is expected that more projects and partnerships will be announced in the near future.

Smart Contracts for Digital Yuan Launched: Win 8,888 RMB Daily!

• China has launched a smart contract functionality for its digital yuan on the 17th of January 2023.
• The smart contract is designed to halt the collection of funds from payees and is offering a daily price of 8,888 RMB for users who use the digital yuan to make purchases on the Meituan application.
• Users can win some of the money up for grabs if the words generated by the smart contract and the words on their items and name match.

China has taken another major step towards the increased adoption of its central backed digital currency (CBDC) with the launch of interactive smart contracts for the digital yuan. On the 17th of January 2023, the country launched the new functionality on one of its most popular shopping applications, Meituan.

The launch of the smart contract is designed to halt the collection of funds from payees, who might be making away with prepaid funds. In order to attract users, the smart contract is offering users a daily price of 8,888 RMB (1,312) if they make a purchase using the digital yuan. However, users can win a portion of the 8,888 RMB if the words generated by the smart contract and the words on their items and name match.

The launch of the smart contract marks the latest move by the Chinese government to increase the adoption of its digital currency. In September 2022, the People’s Bank of China’s Digital Currency Institute teased the integration of a smart-contract functionality for the digital yuan. Shortly after, the announcement was followed up with the launch of the new functionality.

The introduction of the smart contract for the digital yuan has raised questions about the future of Ethereum, the market leader in smart contracts. Despite the competition from the digital yuan, Ethereum smart contracts are still healthy and likely to outpace the completion.

The launch of the smart contract for the digital yuan is the latest step by the Chinese government in its push for increased adoption of the digital currency. With the new functionality, users have the ability to earn money by making purchases using the digital yuan, as well as the potential to win a portion of the 8,888 RMB offered daily. While it is yet to be seen whether the digital yuan will be able to compete with the market leader, Ethereum, it is clear that the competition is heating up in the smart contracts space.