Akron Finance Joins Chainlink BUILD to Accelerate DeFi Adoption

• Chainlink welcomes Akron Finance to its Build program.
• The platform will make 5% of its native token supply available to Chainlink service providers such as stakers.
• Benefits from the BUILD program include access to secure, high-quality market data, ability to automate swap functions and access to new product releases.

Chainlink Welcomes Akron Finance To BUILD Program

Chainlink has welcomed long-term participants and supporter Akron Finance to the Chainlink Build program in order to accelerate the adoption of Akron Crossing Network in the DeFi space. The platform highlighted security and reliability as key reasons for joining the Chainlink BUILD program.

Akron Crossing Network: A Decentralized Alternative Trading System

AkronFinance is a platform that was created for the sole purpose of building a decentralized exchange which allows users to trade large crypto positions with low friction. As part of the announcement, it was revealed that both platforms had already crossed paths as AkronFinance had been an active participant and supporter of Chainlink’s network.

Benefits Of Chainlink BUILD Program For Akron Finance

As part of BUILD, Akron Finance will receive key benefits including access to secure, high-quality market data through Chainlink Price Feeds, automated swap functions through access to Chainlink Automation, and access to new product alpha and beta releases. Additionally, being part of the chain link ecosystem allows AkronFinance priority support from its team.

Maximizing Security & Reliability With ChainLink Oracle Infrastructure

The goal for joining BUILD is for AkronFinance is maximize on the benefits that come with using chain link oracle infrastructure such as increased security and reliability when trading on their decentralized exchange platform. It also provides them with accesses resources needed in order for them be successful within this space.

Increasing Awareness Of Akorn Finance Platform

                                                                                                                                                                                           Increasing awareness of their project is another top priority for Akorn finance by participating within this partnership agreement they hope that more people become aware o ftheir project and help it gain traction within the DeFI space .

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